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man trekking

10 Best Trekking Poles: The Best Guide You’ll Find

If you enjoy hiking, trekking, or similar activities in mountainous regions, a pair of trekking poles could be your best friend. These handy devices...
rock climbing featured image

Choose Your Climbing Rope Like Your Life Depends On It!

The most important part of any climber’s gear is the climbing rope. Choosing your climbing rope may sound like a trivial matter. But, that...
woman climbing

The Top 10 Best Climbing Shoes in 2018 and Where to...

Climbing shoes are an absolute must if you’re a professional or even hobbyist climber. They're needed to provide the right grip when it comes...
ski boots and equipment

Ski Boots of 2018: Your Guide to the Best Products of...

Image from Pixabay If you ski and enjoy hitting the slopes, you may need a new pair of ski boots. But, how much should you...
man in black bubble jacket standing near telephone booth

Is the Nano Puff Jacket the Best Option for Outdoor Enthusiasts?

Comparing the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket against the top manufacturers for features including warmth, comfort, and mobility in winter weather.
lowa boots for hiking

Top 10 Best Lowa Boots for Hiking Today

Hiking has always been a fantastic way for people to get out into nature, enjoy some fresh air, and get a little exercise. The...
rescuer wearing one of the best headlamp options today

Your Guide to the Best Headlamp Options

Image by Helmut Stirnweis from Pixabay The best headlamp makes a world of difference in the level of enjoyment you will have while hiking in the...
Oofos sandals

Recovery Footwear To Enhance Performance: 10 Best Oofos

The best Oofos footwear cradles and protects feet after demanding workouts. What is recovery footwear and how can it help your workouts?
womens winter boots

Top 10 Best Pairs of Women’s Winter Boots

When facing real deep cold on your outdoor adventures, women’s winter boots are essential equipment. And while keeping your feet from freezing is the...

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