If you've ever participated in a sporting event or watched one from the sidelines, you've probably glimpsed a pair of Nike shoes. One of the most popular types of sports shoe, the Nike company has created shoes for sports and other activities for well over half a century. Indeed, Nike is the company all others look to when they look at the leaders of the sports shoe industry.

Hearkening back to the 1950's, Nike has been providing athletes with excellent shoes so that they can perform at their peak for decades. In recent years, Nike has transitioned from merely making athletic shoes to delivering shoes that fit a specific niche, such as running, parkour, and football.

Nike shoes are a staple of the sports industry, and it's tough to pick one out if you're out shopping for a pair. With all these choices comes a knowledge base that you should be familiar with if you're going to shop for a pair of Nike shoes successfully. So, how do you differentiate the varying types of Nike shoes?

The Variations and Differences Within Nike Shoes

The world of Nike shoes can seem confusing. But, with all of these choices at your fingertips, you should probably narrow down what type of shoe you would like. For instance, they design basketball shoes for the courts and create running shoes for the sole purpose of logging those miles on your feet. Cross-training shoes are developed for those who want to engage in everything from mountain biking to racquetball.

Basketball shoes

Within all of the choices, you can make when purchasing shoes, deciding which shoes are the best fit for you is difficult. Basketball shoes are a kind of shoe that you should look for if you're going to be participating in the sport. Most basketball shoes possess an etched pattern in the bottom of the shoe. This allows the wearer to pivot quickly, which is a highly-cherished skill in basketball.

Along with this pattern, basketball shoes can absorb a ton of energy. This helps when jumping up and down and running from one end of the court to the other. These types of Nike shoes offer a decent flexibility rate, and the soles have thinner or wider rubber depending if they are playing basketball inside versus outside.

Running shoes

If a full-on sport isn't your thing, then don't fret. You can use running shoes for a variety of activities, and they're relatively easy to find compared to a lot of other niche types of shoes. Recently, minimalist running shoes are all the rage. Minimalist soles are super thin and don't offer much shock absorption.

But, do not take this as a negative. In fact, the way you plant your feet while wearing these types of shoes is much better for you than most shoes (it offers a more natural heel stroke).

Cross-training shoes

You may be wondering what the difference is between a running shoe and a cross-training shoe. After all, doesn't cross-fit envelop running in their exercises? While both types of shoes are incredibly similar, there are a couple of differences.

First, the heel is similar to a running shoe. This means that the heel is more flexible than most shoes. The forefront of the shoe is utilized for someone who would play volleyball. It's an interesting hybrid of a shoe that is excellent to use in a variety of activities.

How We Reviewed the Nike Shoes

A lot of parameters can be taken into consideration when reviewing shoes. Sometimes, you consider price. Other times, you may take pure quality into account. For this list, the performance is the number one parameter we took when reviewing these Nike shoes.

Some of them may be a bit pricier than others, but performance is what counts when you're out on the courts, trekking through the trails, or sculpting your physique into something you love. Performance is one of the most important things that Nike holds dear, so it only seems fitting to keep this list in that same vein.

Best Nike Running Shoes

The best Nike running shoes weren't easy to find. Nike makes a ton of shoes (and great ones at that). But, with performance in mind, let's take a look at the three best types of Nike running shoes, and you can decide for yourself which one you like.

Nike Men's Zoom Fly Running Shoes
  • Model Number: 880848003
  • Gender: mens

The Zoom Fly is an excellent choice for participants who are looking to put their shoes to the test. These shoes are tried and true when it comes to extreme activity. Specifically, these shoes are excellent for marathons and long durations of activity.

A carbon infused nylon plate helps push the foot forward and helps the runner keep the strides going. Along with this, a Lunarion cushioning helps with shock absorption. Overall, this shoe is pricey but well worth the price tag. If you have the cash, don't skimp out on the Nike Zoom Fly. It's a wonderful Nike shoe for runners.

Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe, Grey/Black, 11 M US
  • Mesh upper for optimal breathability
  • Soft foam midsole delivers lightweight, responsive cushioning
  • Rubber outsole offers excellent traction

The Revolution may be exactly what its name says; it's a revolution in the world of shoes. What sets the Revolution apart from the rest of the pack is the ability of this Nike shoe to provide ample comfort while running and exercising. A thick sole helps give the wearer comfort while the shoe also spouts great shock absorption.

A mesh paneling and a special type of grip on the bottom of the shoe helps the wearer run and exercise in almost any type of weather condition. The Revolution is a wonderful pick for a running shoe. They won't disappoint you.

Nike Men's Air Zoom Vomero 12 Running Shoe Black/White/Anthracite Size...
  • Flywire cables create an adaptive, supportive fit.
  • Zoom Air units in the heel and forefoot for optimal energy return.
  • Lightweight foam oustole offers durability and traction.

The Zoom series is a popular brand of Nike running shoe. What makes the Air Zoom Vomero 12 stand out is a comfort fit collar. This helps support the ankle and makes sure your foot is taken care of when slapping against the ground.

Along with the extra cushion for ankle support, a new and updated version of the rubber they use helps keep the foot happy and healthy while going on those long runs. It's a great choice if you need a pair of quality Nike shoes for that long run.

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Best Nike Basketball Shoes

Designed with quick cuts and slick basketball courts in mind, Nike's basketball shoes are all aiming to help improve your game. Whether your favorite player's shoe is on the list below or not, all of these sneakers are spectacular.

Lightweight. It's a word that is a must if you're out on the courts and trying to gain an edge on the defender as you stride for a quick, fast break bucket. This is also the same word that can be used to describe the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360. It's a lightweight shoe in every way.

The materials used to construct it make sure that you almost don't even notice it's there. A Lunarion midsole protects the middle of your foot, so it shouldn't cramp up at any point in time. Nike shoes have never been better.

Quick cuts are key to a successful NBA offense. If you're going to do it without getting left in the dust, then you need a shoe that can keep up with your play style. This is where the Nike Kyrie 4 shines. Taking after the player, the shoe is named for; the Kyrie 4 is extremely versatile.

It's a shoe with a nice cushioning that keeps your ankle from rolling. It's also breathable with a mesh design on the outside. An excellent combination of Nike shoes for the players who are always on the run.

A multi-tractioned rubber sole is only one of the amazing things this Nike shoe has to offer. Not only does the rubber outsole help with the wearer's performance, but Air Zoom cushioning helps cushion the foot during high-intensity activities. A thick heel means your ankles are secure and a thin fore forefoot means that you have plenty of control when you're racing down the court.

Add to this a splash of flair with its tongue and heel pull tabs, and you have a shoe that's hard to beat. The KDX is a great pair of Nike shoe if you're looking to step up your game into greatness.

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Best Cross-Training Shoes

Cross-training combines a lot of varying activities. With this in mind, it may seem difficult to create a shoe that is versatile enough to withstand these ever-changing activities. However, the folks over at Nike have created some amazing shoes that do just this.

Cross-training is something that a lot of people participate in these days. With a world that's always on the go, it can be challenging to stick with just one training regimen. However, cross-training allows for the person to experience a variety of exercises (almost mirroring their busy lives). The Metcon 1, in particular, has an excellent drop-in midsole. This translates into a comfortable feel for the foot.

Not only does the midsole stand out, but the shoe is also highly flexible. This is important, as cross-training regularly involves a variety of different exercises. With durability comes success, and success breeds happiness from this excellent pair of Nike shoes.

Nike Men's Metcon Free Training Shoe Atmosphere Grey/Black-Pure...
  • TPU-faced mesh provides lightweight durability, stability and flexibility.
  • Dual-density midsole with cold fusion technology provides stable comfort.
  • Laser-siped flex grooves promote natural motion.

Another shoe in the line of the Nike Metcons, these sneakers serve as a fantastic addition to your life. Though they bear a strong resemblance to the Men's Metcon 1, the Free X stands out in a couple of different ways. First, the shoe possesses an even softer midsole than its counterpart. It also comes with a firm foam carrier. This allows for the wearer to maintain a lot of weight on themselves. It's a great shoe for a weightlifter.

The second way the Free X shines is its rubber. A piece of rubber surrounds the outside of the shoe. This helps battle friction for activities such as rock climbing. It's the perfect shoe to wear when you're doing just about anything.

If you're looking for that one shoe that won't let you down when you need help the most, then this is the shoe for you. The Flyknit Zoom is a shoe that is designed to be snug. Your foot is tightly secured within it, so you needn't worry.

It can handle anything from running to tennis and even parkour! Whatever your activity, the Flyknit Zoom is an excellent choice. The shoe is also durable, meaning you can wear it in any weather condition.

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The Best Nike Shoe

Okay, after all of this information, your head may be spinning. All the styles. All the different types of soles. Free-running, cross-training, sports. Which one is the best? After carefully taking into consideration the performances of all of these shoes, the winner for best Nike shoe is the Nike Revolution 3. Although it is specifically a running shoe, you can use it to do almost anything.

What sets this shoe apart from the others is the combination of shock absorption and the thick sole of the shoe. Your ankles and feet are fragile. If you don't handle them with care, they can easily begin to ache, and you can seriously damage your feet if you don't take care of them. By wearing a shoe with an affinity for shock absorption, you'll keep your feet healthy.

Not only is the shock absorption great, but the mesh paneling lets you run or do whatever it is you like to do whether it's raining, dry, storming, or snowing.

Try One of Them Out Today!

That's the list. Performance was the focus of these shoes, and each and every one of them comes through when you need them to. Whether you're a proponent of the free-running movement, a basketball player who's looking to improve their abilities on the court, or a person who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything, there's a shoe for you.

Nike provides some of the best shoes in the world, and these are the best of the best when it comes to performance. If you want to improve the well being of your feet, then don't wait. Start today by looking at some of these shoes. You may just find the perfect one.

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