Good running shoes are a must-have if you’re looking for comfort and a boost in performance. And, thanks to Pearl Izumi, there’s a variety of running shoes you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for durability or breathability in your running footwear, this company has you covered.

Comparison Table Pearl Izumi Running Shoes

Besides making shoes for other sports, including cycling, Pearl Izumi designs a wide variety of running shoes. From road-running shoes to trail-running shoes, there’s something for everyone. Gender is a noteworthy factor as well, and Pearl Izumi designs sporting shoes for both men and women.

The Pearl Izumi History

A renowned brand in the cycling sphere, Pearl Izumi was founded in 1950 and is a subsidiary of Shimano America, Inc., and headquartered in Louisville, Colorado.

Pearl Izumi produces apparel and shoes for a range of sports — and running is no exception. It’s also worth noting that the company’s high-quality philosophy backs all of its products. When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Pearl Izumi has sponsored some cycling teams, such as the 1984 USA Olympic team. This company has supported a couple of athletes, too, including Angela Naeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pearl Izumi Running Shoes

It’s common for buyers to ask questions regarding their purchases — and there’s nothing wrong with that! We have provided answers to the most common questions people ask before purchasing Pearl Izumi running shoes. We hope the answers spearhead a better buying decision.

Why consider Pearl Izumi for running shoes?

What’s the feel of Pearl Izumi running footwear?

What feature makes for a snug fit?

Why Choose Pearl Izumi Running Shoes?

Pearl Izumi is an excellent brand. Even though they are known for their cycling gear, they have not faltered a bit in their high-quality running shoes.


Sweaty feet can cause discomfort while running. For this reason, Pearl Izumi features breathable uppers in its shoes so your feet can stay cool and dry. Smooth and breathable uppers are responsible for flexibility, comfort, and ventilation.

Arch support

When it comes to arch support, Pearl Izumi has got you covered. The company boasts shoes with extra cushioning for shock absorption, which is especially ideal for those with low arches and flat feet. For those with high arches, on the other hand, there are shoes with appropriate support so your pronation can be remedied while in action. The point is, whether you have a high arch, low arch, or flat feet, you can find the right shoe for you.


Pearl Izumi stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty. They do replace your shoes should these have any defects. Users attest to the unparalleled durability of this company’s running shoes. Runners have also been impressed by how long these shoes actually last.


The outsoles of Pearl Izumi running shoes are designed to suit various running surfaces. Whether you’re tackling the roads or the trails, there’s a shoe with the right outsole for that purpose.

How to Choose Pearl Izumi Running Shoes

There's a wide range of Pearl Izumi running shoes out there. However, making sure you find the running shoe that’s right for you can make a huge difference in your running career. Before making a purchase, therefore, you need to consider a couple of things based on the type of running you do along with other specific needs you might have.



Running surface

How We Reviewed

We reviewed Pearl Izumi running shoes based on several criteria. We considered the footwear’s quality and handy features. Other components included fit, terrain, and, most of all, comfort. Price was a factor as well.

Best Pearl Izumi Running Shoes for Men

In no particular order, here's our list of the best Pearl Izumi running shoes for men. We hope that it helps you make an informed purchase decision.

EM Road N2 v3

Pearl Izumi Men's EM Road N 2 V3 Running Shoe
  • New 3-d seamless print upper technology adds lightweight structure and upper integrity
  • Dynamic offset-shaped emotion midsole is biomechanically tuned for a neutral to supinator running gait
  • 11 energy foam in forefoot cushions upon impact and returns energy back to the runner during propulsion, 11 energy foam...

This shoe is lightweight in structure thanks to the 3-D upper technology. A combination of blown rubber and carbon rubber (in the forefoot and crash-pad, respectively) makes for excellent abrasion resistance. The midsole boasts an off-set shape to cater to a range of running gaits, from neutral to supinator.

According to most users, this shoe couldn’t be more comfortable. The rubber sole ensures durability, too. A major complaint, though, is that the EM Road N2 v3 could use more cushioning.

EM Road M2 v2

Pearl Izumi Men's EM Road M2 v2 Running Shoe
  • Running shoe built with efficient biomechanics and featuring a sock-like 3D Print seamless upper
  • Dynamic heel-to-toe offset: 1mm at initial contact, 4.5mm at mid stance
  • Responsive E:Motion midsole

If you’re looking for Pearl Izumi running shoes with a sock-like fit, the EM Road M2 v2 is certain to deliver. The shoe is also ideal if you overpronate slightly. The midsole is responsive, and there’s more cushioning in the forefoot.

Most buyers are happy with the comfort this shoe commands. The toe-box is wide, adding even more comfort. Some users report a somewhat-smaller fit, though. Others question the shoe’s durability because the sole tends to wear faster with regular use.

EM Road N0 v2

PEARL IZUMI Men's EM Road N 0 V2-M Running Shoe, Shadow Grey/Lime...
  • Synthetic material-and-Mesh material
  • Imported product
  • Synthetic material sole

This shoe features a synthetic sole and sock-like fit. To ensure traction and durability, the EM Road N0 v2 combines blown rubber in the forefoot with ethylene vinyl acetate in the outsole.

Some pros that users rave about include the shoe’s lightweight structure and responsive feel. A comfy insole and roomy toe-box are a bonus, too. Even so, some buyers report a bad experience with regards to the shoelaces. These seem to be elastic and give a less-secure tie.

EM Road N1 v2

Pearl Izumi Men's EM Road N1 v2 Running Shoe
  • Spring/summer 2017
  • 1:1 energy foam in forefoot cushions upon impact and returns energy back to the runner during propulsion
  • Dynamic offset: 1 mm at initial contact to 4.5mm at mid-stance

This shoe comes with a buttery-smooth underfoot, and the rubber sole adds durability. At only one pound, the EM Road N1 v2 couldn’t be lighter, which makes for a faster run.

Most users are happy with the EM Road N1 v2 and appreciate its lightweight nature. Some buyers, though, find the footwear comes with a slightly smaller fit. The toe-box is narrow, too, and the shoe could feature more cushioning.

EM Road M2 v3

Pearl Izumi Men's EM Road M3 Running Shoe
  • Supportive, cushioned running shoe featuring seamless upper for structure, durability, and comfort
  • Padded tongue and collar in breathable mesh
  • Lace-up vamp

The EM Road M2 v3 is designed for the mild over-pronator. The reflective tongue mesh is a cool feature, and the medial mid-foot does control pronation.

Some users have a good experience with this footwear. Some find that the shoe is light in weight. Others appreciate the shoe’s stylish look. Everything good comes with caveats, however, and this shoe is reported to have a smaller fit. Not just that, but the footwear’s durability is also questionable, according to some owners.

EM Road N3

  • 3-d seamless print upper technology adds lightweight structure and upper integrity
  • Dynamic offset-shaped emotion midsole is biomechanically tuned for the neutral runner looking for maximum cushioning and...
  • 11 energy foam in forefoot cushions upon impact and returns energy back to the runner during propulsion, 11 energy foam...

For those runners looking to save on some money, the EM Road N3 might be an attractive purchase. The midsole is responsive, and the toe-guard is abrasion-resistant.

Owners are happy that the shoe is supportive around the entire foot. The footwear’s durability is good, and the product is great for neutral runners. Some users experience sole pain, though. Others complain the shoe seems to rub against the foot.

EM Road M3

An ideal option for road runners, the EM Road M3 offers good support for those who tend to overpronate. The breathable mesh keeps the feet nice and cool. The insole cups and cradles the heel.

According to users, the shoe is durable and is particularly lightweight. The cushioning is also great. Nevertheless, some users aren’t happy with the footwear’s smaller fit. The toe-box is a little narrower, too, and this footwear is relatively expensive when you compare it to other options.

EM Road H3 v2

Pearl Izumi Men's EM Road H3 v2 Running Shoe
  • Stability running shoe with plush, stable platform with multiple-density foam
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 4mm
  • Seamless upper construction

Featuring a stable platform, the EM Road H3 v2 is among the most stable road-running shoes available. The midsole is well-cushioned and is engineered for rear-foot overpronation.

Most owners are happy with this footwear because it’s comfortable and comes with enough cushioning. However, some users complain of heel pain. Others say the shoe isn’t as durable due to threads separating from the shoe after only a couple of uses.

Our Verdict

According to the list above, Pearl Izumi has all road-runners covered when it comes to terrific footwear. However, for those men on a tight budget, we’d recommend the EM Road N3 for you. The low price doesn’t subtract from the quality, as you get a responsive midsole and abrasion-resistant toe-guard. The shoe couldn’t be more durable either.

For those runners who’re concerned about stability, the EM Road M3 v2 could fit the bill. In addition to the advantages listed above, you also get unparalleled arch support and midsole responsiveness. The smooth heel-to-toe transition is a bonus as well.

This shoe comes with a durable sole in a lightweight structure. You get considerable abrasion resistance, too. If you’re out to buy a shoe that supports a range of running gaits, the EM Road N 2 V3 will not disappoint you.

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