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If you ski and enjoy hitting the slopes, you may need a new pair of ski boots. But, how much should you pay? Is it okay to cheap out and buy a less expensive pair? While there are some amazing deals out there, the equipment you use when skiing is important for both your safety and your entertainment. After all, if one of your pieces of equipment breaks, it could make the difference between a fun weekend with friends and family and sitting on the sidelines with a sprained ankle.

Skiing and the Importance of Equipment

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The equipment you put on your body to protect it is vastly important. It doesn't matter if you're playing football or skiing down the bunny hill. The equipment you use determines how much of a good time you will have. Because injuries, unfortunately, happen. And you don't want to sustain an injury because you got a cheap pair of ski boots or didn't buy the right helmet.

So, with this mind, which ski boots should you buy? Which ones are the right ones for you? And which pair is the best?

How We Chose the Best Ski Boots of 2018

Price and features are the two main components when it comes to choosing the best ski boots. An expensive pair of ski boots doesn't necessarily mean it isn't the best. It doesn't hurt if the price is a bit low, but price isn't the only caveat for being the best. The features of the ski boots are also crucial to choosing the best.

Finding the best option for you, personally, requires figuring out what features you need, and what price point you can afford.

Prices of Ski Boots

Prices for ski boots vary widely. The brand, list of features, and other points all influence the price, and the result is a market with a wide range of options available for pretty much any budget. Most of the time, you can expect to pay anywhere from two to several hundred dollars for a good pair of ski boots.

However, it's possible to find sales, as well as more expensive options. We're going to concentrate on the middle of the market to give you the best sense possible of what you should be looking for.

The Best Ski Boots of 2018

Let's take a look at some of the best options available for ski boots in 2018. This list is in no particular order, but should give you a good sense of what you should look for in a good product.

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In the world of ski boots, it's tough to find a brand you trust. However, you don't need to worry when buying a pair of ski boots from Lange. While Lange offers up a variety of ski boots for eager owners, one of its best pairs is the RX 120. One of the defining features of the RX 120 is the dual core shell. The shell of the ski boot impacts the entire foot, and the RX's dual core shell enhances the performance of the boot. It also helps when slipping on and taking off the boots.

Bimaterial pads are another plus for the RX 120. These pads comfort your feet and make sure they don't ache after a long, hard day of skiing. These ski boots are expensive but well worth the money spent.

Atomic 2018 HAWX Prime 100 Ski Boots
  • 2018 Atomic Hawx Prime 100 Ski Boots

For most people, skiing is a relaxing sport. It's a hobby that's pursued on weekends and vacations. Not everybody is a professional skier. If you are like most people, and are an amateur or a beginner, then the Hawx Prime 230 is the perfect pair of ski boots for you. But, what makes this pair of ski boots stand out from the rest?

A Memory Fit 3D Liner lines the inside of the boot. This includes pre-shaped heel and ankle molds, so your feet will never feel tired, and you can rest knowing that your feet are in some of the best hands of the skiing world. A state-of-the-art insulation liner also helps keep your feet warm and cozy as you barrel down the mountain.

Tecnica Cochise 130 Ski Boots - 2019 Men's
  • NOTE: Comes with a DIN Sole that works with an Alpine DIN (ISO 5355) binding as well as a Grip Walk binding. Will also...
  • Flex: 130
  • Volume: 99 mm Low Volume

When it comes to skiing, there's not just one type. You can speed down mountains and complete the course in a short time. You can do the complete opposite and cross country ski. This is where you trek across a course that's horizontal. Most of the time, these differences show in the ski boots. However, the Chocise 130 is great for both types of skiing. And anytime your ski boots effectively act as “cross-trainers,” the happier and more excited you should be.

Along with the flexibility of uses for the Chocise 130, there's also advanced technology that lets you switch between ski and walk mode at the snap of a finger. It's a fantastic opportunity to showcase how durable and varied these ski boots really are.

An all-mountain pair of ski boots is a great buy. Much like the Chocise, the Vector Evo 130 is great on a variety of surfaces. It's got an excellent grip, meaning that your grasp on almost any type of snow is secure. Not only that, but the Vector Evo is a great boot that instantly increases your skill on the snow. Not many pairs of ski boots can make you a better skier, but the Vector Evo falls into this category.

When it comes to the inside of the boot, the tongue may not sound like an important part of the boot. On the contrary, each and every part of the ski boot is key. And the tongue is an excellent fit for most sizes of skiers.

A fun time awaits the lucky buyer who purchases the Vector Evo 130.

If you constantly look for the next evolution in skiing boots, look no further than the QST Pro 120. With a slick design, it's one of the best pairs of ski boots on the market today. Utilizing a free-flexing EndoFit tongue, this ski boot makes your feet feel comfortable and stable as you hit the slopes. But, the positives don't stop there. A heat-molded liner stands apart from the normal liners that come with most of the competition.

A fully moldable shell fits both average and wide feet, which means that skiers of practically any size can wear this boot. This pair of ski boots is perfect for high speed, which is exactly what you'll be doing when strapping on these boots.

Buying a pair of ski boots is sometimes a tough task. However, it doesn't need to be. You want a sure bet when you make your purchase. And the Nordica Speedmachine is one of the surest bets you can make. Dubbed the “all-wheel drive” of ski boots, the Nordica Speedmachine does just what the name implies. You move fairly quickly in these boots, and they take the brunt of the force of the snow. Just slipping these on steps up your ski game exponentially.

The ankles are an important part of the skier's anatomy, and the Speedmachine 130 fits snugly around the ankles. Besides this, you'll be skiing down the slopes in style with the sleek design of the Speedmachine. Price-wise, you find a vast difference between different retailers.

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Freeride ski boots are used in a variety of ski settings. Whether you slay the mountain or are up for a casual ski down the slope, freeride boots are great for both professionals and hobbyists. The K2 Pinnacle is one of the best freeride ski boots you have the opportunity to buy. Integrated tech fittings mean that the versatility of these boots is off the charts. Not only that, but you also have a Powerfuse Spyne. This allows for heavy flexibility when encountering different terrains.

The outsoles are replaceable with a Vibram material, so you have options if you ever want to change them out. It's one of the best pairs of ski boots out there.

One of the first things that stands out about this particular pair of ski boots is the race-inspired flex. Some people love to race, and the Scarpa Freedom gives you the edge when it comes to adrenaline-pumping races.

The walk mode of this set of ski boots is also something that's a highlight. While some ski-to-walk modes aren't smooth, the Freedom's ski-to-walk mode is one of the smoothest on the market. It offers a wide range of flexibility and it a great feature of the Freedom RS 130.

When you hear the name Rossignol, you think of quality products. The Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 is no different. This pair of ski boots is a wonderful addition to your skiing equipment. Ski-hike versatility is one of the standout features of this pair of boots. This versatility guarantees that the change between full-blown skiing and hiking/walking is smooth. It shouldn't become a distraction to the skier, and it's not when using the Alltrack Pro.

The tongue is a one-piece toe box, so slipping into this boot isn't a problem. 

Roxa R3 110 Ski Boot Mens
  • Last Width: 98
  • Skill Level: Expert
  • Flex: Stiff

Who says that the best ski boots are all made in the United States? The Roxa R3 110 is one of a couple of examples on this list that originates outside the U.S. ​

Although the entire boot is comprised of three pieces, the boot is a sleek design. It avoids clunkiness and can take three different pieces and blend them together in a way that works. The hike mode lasts you a long time, and your feet won't be getting sore after using them.

Overall, a great buy.

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The Best Ski Boots of 2018

After careful consideration, the winner of this particular contest is the Atomic Hawx Prime 230. It brings together both a reasonable price and a slew of great features. It's a fantastic buy that shouldn't be passed up. And, the designs for the Hawx Prime will make one of the coolest looking skiers around.

Hit the Slopes

Now you know about the best ski boots available today. Whichever one speaks to you, you should pursue it. Everybody has different tastes, and there's a ski boot out there for everyone. Be careful on the slopes and have fun!

Do you own any of these ski boots, or maybe another pair? Let us know your experience!


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