Finding great running shoes has become more difficult since the market is filled with numerous manufacturers claiming that they produce quality products but end up disappointing people. How do you know which ones to go for? We decided to narrow down the search to help you save time and effort by doing this review. There are so many different pairs of running shoes you can invest in as a runner. So, why pay a higher price for a specialty brand like Mizuno? Design, comfort, flexibility, and a shoe which contours to your feet, are a few attributes runners should consider. Not every pair of shoes, or brand for that matter, delivers on those features. Even new runners can tell the difference between top-brands and poor design by trying a shoe on.

Whether running on trails or pavement, there's a Mizuno running shoe for it. You want a shoe that's flexible enough to let you mobilize from roadway to grass efficiently. And, the running shoe should afford enough support, to prevent ankle rolling injuries. Runners also want a classic style, breathability, and of course, comfort. So, rather than consider the price alone, take an overall snapshot, to help you find the perfect running shoe. Our review will help you to understand why Mizuno shoes are worth the money and how you will benefit from wearing these amazing shoes. Let's get into the details of these shoes.

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The Mizuno Brand

The Mizuno brand began in 1906 by the Mizuno brothers in Osaka, Japan. The company soon after started selling athletic wear in 1907. It enters the U.S. market in 1961, in the Los Angeles, California headquarters. The company has been a leader in athletic wear for over a century. And, the backing of several professional athletes and endorsements, is a clear indication of the brand's quality. Mizuno is synonymous with quality. The extensive product line is proof of this.

Mizuno Wave insole

The company's technological advance with the Mizuno Wave Technology is the company's proprietary technology to help enhance comfort. The technology balances the right amount of cushioning and stability the body requires. For running shoes, the focus is on comfort levels, pronation, and softness upon landing.

The wave plate also helps minimize the impact on the joints, improving a runner's stride. The plate also absorbs shock and redistributes it evenly throughout the foot to help create a smooth running surface. And, it also helps support the foot in place, to prevent overpronation.

Mizuno precision fit guidance

Mizuno also has the online precision fit guidance simulator. The fit guidance allows men and women to enter information to find the perfect shoe. Runners input their gender, weight range, and average running distance. The simulator then provides a variety of Mizuno running shoes, which are ideal for that body frame.

How to Buy Running Shoes

It isn't as easy as choosing the most expensive Mizuno running shoes on the shelf. When buying a pair of running shoes, several variables come into play. Fit and shoe type are a couple. Gait, step, and also the running surface, will impact the consumer's decision. These are a few aspects of the purchase process, which will help every runner find the perfect Mizuno shoes.


Determining the type of arch of a runner's feet is the first step of the process. Flat feet have little to no visible contour. They appear to have no definition from the toes to the heel. Overpronation usually occurs in flat fee runners. Stability and motion-control shoe are good options in these cases.

Feet with a medium arch align the toes heel and forefoot, through a wideband figure. These runners have semi-flexible arches. For these runners, stability or neutral shoes are the best options. They help keep the feet in place, and minimize impact when running. A high-arch is noticeable in feet with a very narrow band. These runners typically have rigid feet which don't pronate enough to absorb shock. Therefore, shoes with extra cushioning are a popular option, such as a neutral shoe design.


A runner's gait refers to the manner of walking or running in this case. It is visible in one of three ways: Neutral, pronation, or supination. Neutral is where the outside of the heel strikes the ground first. The gait also causes the foot to roll inward and absorb shock. Pronation is when the outside of the heel hits the ground excessively, it turns inward. The movement also hinders stability and can lead to ankle turning/injuries.

Finally, supination is where the outside of the heel hits first, but doesn't move inward. It also decreases shock absorption levels. Every runner differs, and this is the reason for different types of Mizuno running shoes.

Type of shoes

Depending on gait, and the runner's arches, the kinds of Mizuno running shoes chosen will vary for every runner. These are a few of the popular options.


Motion control

Neutral fit

Running environment

The runner's environment impacts the purchase decision as well. A traditional Mizuno running shoe is for pavement and hard surfaces. They are light and feature a flexible outsole. A trail-running shoe has a fortified rubber outsole. This outsole helps to provide durability and tread, to off-road running surfaces.

Our Mizuno Review Process

We review several Mizuno shoes to give readers an idea of the best product. Our reviews consider average prices to help runners find a shoe within their budget. We also discuss the ratings and reviews, by actual owners of the product. Doing this allows us to detail the feel, comfort, design, and any detractions about a product. Consumers find it easier to make the right decision with these details.

The Best Mizuno Running Shoes Available

When comparing Mizuno running shoes, it is essential to consider several pairs. These are a few of the best models available for runners.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 14

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe
  • Cloudwave offers a soft stable and lively lightweight feel
  • Airmesh upper
  • Fit in motion upper for flexible support

The soft cushion, snappy, responsive flex, and cloud wave technology increase runner support in these shoes. The Mizuno running shoe features the SmoothRide technology helping minimize impact upon landing. The running shoes are light at 8.8 ounces so that runners can move freely. The U4ic midsole features a comfortable interior lining for more cushioning upon landing. The shoes feature a broad and deep heel cup ensuring high levels of comfort for all runners.

The price for these running shoes is very high in comparison to other brand-name shoes. The high-density foam is also too soft for some runners. Those who need a stabilization shoe should look at a different series or model. 

Mizuno Horizon 2

Mizuno Men's Wave Horizon 2 Running Shoes
  • Cloudwave offers a plush stable and lively feel
  • Airmesh upper
  • Fit in motion upper for flexible support

A plush, mesh exterior, guarantees high levels of mobility and breathability. Runners also appreciate the cloud wave technology. This design helps minimize impact and increase cushioning. It helps to stabilize their steps on hard surfaces. The running shoes feature a soft insole, which helps reduce shock on the feet and joints. The outsole features a durable carbon rubber. It creates a smooth landing spot on the pavement and increases the shoe's lifespan.

One of the significant drawbacks is the issue with sizing. Reviewers indicate that the shoes run a little smaller. Therefore, consumers should consider buying half, to one size larger than average. The shoes are a bit heavier than others, at 9.7 ounces also. 

Mizuno Wave Rider 20

The shoes feature a mesh upper exterior. For those who are looking for a breathable shoe, and high levels of comfort, the product offers it. Additionally, the odor control feature helps preserve the running shoe. Even if runners sweat a lot or sweat profusely, they won't become odorous. Also, this design helps increase comfort levels, by wicking sweat away from the feet. For longer duration runs, this ensures high levels of comfort for runners, on all surfaces.

The U4ic midsole is approximately 30 percent lighter than traditional midsoles. It also helps reduce the overall weight of the shoe and increase performance. Some customers complain about the shoe's fit. These reviewers indicate that the shoes are narrower than other running shoes they own. This limits mobility and free-range inside the shoes.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 4

A synthetic upper and synthetic sole, provide runners a high-quality finish. The breathable upper portion of the shoe also helps increase levels of comfort, especially in warm conditions. The shoes feature a reflective detail, making them safe to wear at night or in dark conditions.

The shoes are lightweight and medium width makes them accessible to many runners. The U4ic midsole also helps increase shock absorption. The lighter midsole also helps create a lightweight shoe, for quick mobility on running trails. Complaints about material-quality are some of the detractions of this running shoe. Some customers complain that they tear after a short period of ownership.

Mizuno Wave Tenjin

Mizuno Men's Wave Tenjin Running Shoe, White, 7.5 D US
  • Lace-up sneaker in Lamborghini-inspired design
  • Infinity Wave Technology
  • Stretch laces

These are custom Mizuno running shoes featuring a Lamborghini design on the tongue. Stretch laces allow runners to adjust tightness levels easily. Depending on the fit runners prefer when running, the shoes are highly adaptable.

The shoes are perfect for under-pronators. They help to stabilize the instep and allow runners to create even balance when they land. The design also minimizes impact upon hitting the hard running surface. The shoes also run true to size, so runners can purchase the same shoe size as other brands/shoes they own.

The price of these shoes is higher than many Mizuno running shoes. Additionally, some reviewers indicate they are more of a “fashion” shoe, rather than a running shoe.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 12 Running Shoe
  • Double Fan Wave Technology
  • U4icX strobel board for more underfoot comfort
  • Breathable Upper

The humanmade upper, synthetic, with breathable mesh finish, make these a great running shoe. The U4icX board insole also provides more underfoot coverage for runners.

The shoes are only approximately 8.9 ounces in weight. They are easy to run in and don't weigh runners down. The Mizuno running shoe is also available in different widths. For those with narrow and broader feet, it is easy to find a comfortable shoe in this series.

Pain in the heels and toes of the feet are a couple of issues runners complain of with this shoe. Runners state this is the case, in comparison with older Mizuno shoes in the Wave Inspire family they own.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2

Mizuno Men's Wave Catalyst 2 Running Shoe, Charcoal/Green Flash, 10.5...
  • Improved DynamotionFit that moves with the foot for a secure, flexible fit
  • New forefoot mesh adds depth and functionality
  • Fan Wave for structural guidance and shock absorption

The shoes feature an air-mesh control design throughout the upper. The design allows runners to feel fresh and comfortable, with the breathable design. The wave plate helps maximize stability on rough surfaces. On pavement or indoor running tracks, the shoes can withstand the impact.

A low-top cut also increases mobility and comfort. Runners are not going to feel like there are any limits when running. The shoes cut right below the ankles, providing support, stability, and increasing comfort levels.

Some runners complain the toe box area of the running shoe is small and tight. It doesn't allow them to move their feet in the shoe, limiting the comfort they experience when running.

Mizuno Wave Kazan Trail

Mizuno Men's Wave Kazan Trail Running Shoe, Mint/Chinese Red, 12.5 D...
  • Trail runner featuring patterned upper and graphic toe guard overlay
  • Heel-cradling Concave Wave design
  • Midfoot X groove for independent heel and forefoot movement

A rubber sole and synthetic finish are the foundation for the running shoe. They also feature a three-inch arch, which helps runners who over-pronate. It helps realign their feet, balance, and step, to help improve running form.

A toe guard is a nice feature on these shoes. If runners kick a surface or hit the front of their feet, there's a cover to protect them. The shoe also features a heel-caving, concave design. It helps keep the feet in place and minimize injuries on a running trail.

Some runners complain of a tight finish, limiting mobility in the interior of the shoe. Additionally, some note the quality of these shoes isn't as good as other Mizuno running shoes.

Go Get a Pair!

Runners can choose from several Mizuno running shoes. Those who are on a budget will find the Mizuno Catalyst 2 is a reasonable option. The internal stabilization, durable insole, and breathable upper ensure high levels of comfort. The low-cut design also affords runners a great deal of range and mobility. Also, runners aren't going to feel restrictions when running on different surfaces with the shoes. This increases usability on multiple surfaces.

For runners who aren't on a budget, the Mizuno Wave Ride 20, is one of the best options. The mesh upper and U4ic midsole helps increase mobility. The shoes are light, making them easy to run indoors or outdoors. The shoe also features odor fighting capabilities. So, runners who sweat a lot, don't have to worry about harsh odors, after a short period of use.

After reading this review, you should have all the information necessary to make up your mind about which pair to get. Not only have we given you the history of the company and what it currently offers, but we have also included some of the best pairs that the company offers. That way you can decide which ones suit your needs the most.

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