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You can't do without an outdoor jacket for skiing, hiking, or other outdoor activities when the weather cools down. The Patagonia Nano Puff jacket might be the perfect lightweight puffer for outdoor enthusiasts. The thin material keeps you warm and dry while affording you free range of mobility.

Whether it's for everyday use or a day of outdoor activities, you need a jacket to combat weather extremes. A puffer jacket is an excellent option for windy conditions or a milder winter climate. That's especially true for those who don't want to drag around a parka. The Nano Puff is also a good option if you don't want to wear multiple layers that restrict mobility.

If you're preparing for the upcoming snowboarding and ski season, you need the right winter gear so that you are ready for anything. Pack lightly, while keeping yourself warm, with the right outdoor puffer jacket.

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About the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

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The Patagonia Nano Puff jacket is available for men and women. It is a warm, lightweight, windproof, and water-resistant outdoor jacket. The jacket also provides owners with several great features for outdoor activities in mild winter weather. It features 60 gram Prima Loft Gold Insulation. The outer shell has a 100 percent recycled polyester shell liner. Some additional features include:

  • A lightweight 10-ounce weight is perfect for hiking, skiing, or other outdoor sports
  • Even when wet, the highly compressible material is warm
  • The brick quilting helps stabilize insulation
  • A wicking interior storm flap helps keep wearer's comfortable
  • A chest pocket and two zippered hand warming side pockets for storage

The jacket also features an adjustable drawcord. This feature allows owners to tighten the jacket if it's windy preventing wind from penetrating from the waist up.

Design of the Nano Puff Jacket

The Nano Puff jacket features a comfortable design, allowing owners to move freely in chilly winter weather. It features two side pockets at hip-level and one chest pocket for internal storage. The chest pocket serves as a storage unit for the jacket when owners aren't wearing it. The entire jacket packs into the chest pocket. It zips down to the size of a soda can for easy storage in a backpack or luggage.

The Nano Puff jacket also features a zipper that cradles the face to help keep wearers warm in windy conditions. This design protects the face with a warm cloth material, preventing a cold zipper from contacting the skin. The jacket also features a carabiner clip near the waist that allows owners to hook small items onto the coat. A pair of gloves, beanie, or other small items easily attach to the clip without weighing it down.

Breathability of the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

One of the drawbacks of this jacket is that it isn't as breathable as other Patagonia jackets or competitors' products. The solid interior liner and face fabric help keep wearers warm in cold conditions. However, these design features also minimize the ability of warm air to escape from the jacket. This design flaw causes this product to become slippery, and wearers feel more sweaty as they move.

If engaging in lighter activities, or wearing it at average temperatures, the jacket performs well. If owners wear it on warmer days (above 60 degrees Fahrenheit), it can get a little hot.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Nano Puff Jacket

The Nano Puff jacket offers several great features and some drawbacks consumers should understand before purchasing it. These are some of the pros and cons to consider when comparing the Patagonia jacket with other puffer jackets.


Several great features set the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket apart from other puffer jackets. Some of these features include:

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • The jacket is highly packable and is easy to store
  • It dries quickly, so owners don't feel a chill in windy conditions
  • The synthetic fill keeps wearers warm at all times wearing this jacket

For those looking for something light that dries quickly, this Patagonia jacket is a great pick.


There are also some drawbacks worth mentioning when comparing the Nano Puff jacket with other puffer jackets. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • The coat isn't the most durable product available
  • Some people note issues with the stitching coming apart in the washing machine
  • The jacket isn't as breathable as comparable products
  • The elastic cuffs aren't as durable as other material finishes available.
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How We Reviewed the Nano Puff Jacket Against Competitors

We compared several of the best puffer jackets against the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket. In our review, we included consumer ratings about the best competitor products. We also compared the prices of alternative products, allowing consumers to choose the best, affordable puffer jacket.

Our review compares features including breathability, comfort, mobility, and insulation. These are some essential features consumers consider when choosing a new winter outdoor jacket. We discussed them, along with the pricing, to help consumers find the best alternatives to the Patagonia jacket.

The Best Puffer Jackets Available

When buying a new winter coat, the Nano Puff jacket is a great option. There are also several other similar products to consider if you want a puffer jacket. These are a few of the best comparable products for consumers looking for alternatives to the Patagonia jacket.

The North Face Thermoball Jacket

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This puffer jacket features a 100 percent nylon exterior finish. The durable water repellant (DWR) exterior and zipper closure keep wearers warm and dry, in all extreme conditions. The jacket is lightweight and features an internal chest pocket and side zipper pockets with hand warmers.

The synthetic PrimaLoft material is similar to a 600 fill rating of a down jacket. The jacket is highly compressible, warm, and it includes a lifetime guarantee against defects. The ThermoBall insulation retains loft to keep wearers warm, even if the fill material becomes wet.

Reviewers indicate the jacket is not worth the steep price tag. Owners claim that it's similar to a traditional raincoat regarding the levels of warmth it produces.

Eddie Bauer Cirrus Lite Jacket

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This down jacket features a 650 down fill rating. The DWR, 100 percent nylon exterior helps keep owners dry in rainy or snowy conditions. The jacket is highly packable and allows owners to move around freely with the lightweight material finish.

The classic fit of the jacket is perfect for those who are wearing it when engaging in outdoor activities. It won't restrict mobility and will keep wearers warm in colder temperatures.

Some reviewers complain that the jacket's quality is subpar. For the price, they expected a better material finish. Some reviews indicate that the down fill is very thin and the jacket isn't warm for cold weather.

Marmot Calen Insulated Puffer Jacket

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This puffer jacket features a 100 percent nylon exterior, helping keep it warm in snowy or rainy conditions. The insulated jacket is perfect for layering when temperatures drop. It features a slash pocket at the chest and two side pockets at the hips for storage.

It is highly breathable. The 60 percent PrimaLoft, recycled fill insulation is warm while preserving the lightweight feel of the jacket. Handwarmers inside the side pockets also help increase warmth levels when temperatures drop. The elastic cuffs and drawcord waist allow owners to modify the jacket by loosening or tightening it when necessary.

One reviewer claims the sizing of the jacket isn't accurate in comparison to other products the manufacturer sells. They also indicate the product quality wasn't as high as they were expecting for the reputable brand name.

Outdoor Research Transcendent Sweater

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This jacket features a 100 percent polyester shell lining and also goose down insulation to help keep wearers warm. The jacket is lightweight and breathable. It is also wind-resistant, water-resistant, and it features 65D down fill as well. The tricot-lined collar is a nice feature that increases comfort levels.

The jacket has zippered Napolean pockets and features a drawcord hem. This feature allows owners to adjust the coat to their liking in different outdoor temperature ratings. It also has two zippered hand pockets and an internal front-zip storm flap to help keep wearers dry.

One reviewer notes issues with the sizing of the jacket. They indicate it fits perfectly in the chest and shoulder areas. However, they state that it was too small around the hips.

Columbia Crested Butte II

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For those looking for a puffer jacket from a leading manufacturer, this Columbia jacket is a great option. It features a full front zip closure and also has the Omni-heat lining on the jacket's interior. The 100 percent nylon shell exterior helps keep wearers dry in wet conditions too.

The jacket's fill is 80 grams of Omni-Heat, thermal polyester insulation. There's also an interior security pocket for storage at the chest level. A drawcord at the hem allows owners to adjust the jacket accordingly if they're wearing additional layers. The zippered hand pockets provide another barrier to protect wearers in cold weather conditions.

Some reviewers indicate concerns with the jacket's sizing. One reviewer suggests they own Columbia gear and the size of this jacket isn't consistent with other products.

Wantdo Ultra Lightweight Puffer

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This lightweight puffer jacket features a hood and 100 percent 20D*400T Nylon exterior finish. It has a full zip front closure and chest storage pocket on the exterior. There are also two zipper handwarmer pockets, and two inside storage pockets.

There is a media port on this jacket. It has a small loop on the shoulder to hide the wire on the interior of the jacket. The jacket features elastic cuffs and a hem seal to keep the wind from penetrating from the bottom up. The jacket is also highly packable and is easy to store when not in use.

One reviewer claims their jacket did not come with the storage pouch. The product description indicates that a storage pouch comes with the jacket. Some reviewers also claim the product has a foul odor that's impossible to eliminate, even after washing the jacket.

Our Verdict: Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket vs. Competitor's Products

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Patagonia is one of the leading manufacturers of winter gear and outdoor sports gear. The Nano Puff Jacket is one of the best puffer jackets available. For those who can afford the high price tag, it is the best winter puffer jacket available. The jacket is available with or without a hood. This feature is also great for snowy conditions, to help keep snow from penetrating into the coat. The thin material isn't overly puffy either. The jacket doesn't restrict movement, and the lightweight 10-ounce finish is ideal for outdoor sports use. It allows owners to move around freely and quickly when engaging in different winter activities.

The major drawback is that it isn't as breathable as some competitors' products. But, apart from this, the jacket is great for mild winter sports and activities or everyday use.

For those who want a more affordable option, the Eddie Bauer Cirrus Lite jacket is a great choice. It has several great features that are comparable to the Nano Puff jacket. It has a down insulation fill for the highest levels of comfort and warmth.

The jacket is highly packable, making it easy to transport and wear for outdoor sporting activities. It features secure side pockets and the 100 percent nylon exterior repels water effectively. The 650 fill rating also keeps wearers warm and dry, in extreme outdoor weather.

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